2021- Visiting Professor at Hosei University
2016- Professor Emeritus at Yokohama National University
2016-2021 Professor at Hosei University
2007-2016 Professor at Yokohama National University, Y-GSA (Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture)
Lecturer at Japan Women's University
2007-2011 Lecturer at Tohoku University, Graduate School
2003-2004 Lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology
2002-2004 Lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
and Music
2001-2007 Professor at Yokohama National University
1995 Established Koh Kitayama + architecture WORKSHOP
1995 Associate Professor at Yokohama National University
1987 Assistant Professor at Yokohama National University
1980 Completed the Master Course, Yokohama National University
1978 Established WORKSHOP(architectural studio)with other 2 person
1976 Graduated from the architecture department, Yokohama National University
1950 Born in Kagawa, Japan

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