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This apartment building was planned for a site in a residential district that was returned by US forces to Okinawa. The blocks in this district are large, being nearly 100 meters in length, and cannot be subdivided unless new land readjustment is undertaken. We proposed rowhouses 3.8 meters wide and 40 meters deep as a way of developing the lot without having to change the existing infrastructure. Cantilevered reinforced concrete walls are used between units, and a 100-millimeter wide space between the walls is used for piping. All that is attached to the site, and a buyer can select the floor and roof. Additions and rebuildings are possible if certain rules are followed. Private spaces are on the second floor, and the first floor functions much like a passageway. A common pedestrian park called the promenade is located in the middle of the block, and the first-floor area facing this promenade is a room with a kitchen. The open spatial organization takes advantage of the mild climate in Okinawa. A water basin is provided in the courtyard, and rooms can be accessed directly from outside.

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