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HOKUSAI MUSEUM in Sumida proposal
In order to preserve ukiyo-e, which are very fragile artworks, great care must be taken to control temperature, humidity, and light. To pass on ukiyo-e to the next generation, it is necessary for the museum to be like a safety vault with total climatic control. Glass apertures may not be installed in the exhibition rooms. In particular, the temporary exhibition rooms, for works on loan, must perform as robust storehouses. Therefore, the exhibition rooms for the permanent collection contain replicas made using advanced reproduction technology. This removes the necessity for regulating temperature, humidity, and light in the permanent exhibition rooms. Utilizing this difference in the atmospheric environment, the building is composed like nested boxes in which the permanent exhibition rooms act as buffer areas wrapping the temporary exhibition rooms. In the lenient atmospheric conditions of the permanent exhibition rooms the function of exhibiting art may be exceeded, so we have proposed functions that will contribute to the local community, such as elementary school mobile classrooms and NPO art activities. Our idea here was to transcend the administrative frame of an art museum in order to propose a new social device.

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