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On an elevated area to the north of Ryusenji temple, within walking distance of Meguro Station, this is an extremely fortunate location for residences in the city center. We designed twelve units of cooperative housing. Because it is a "flagpole site," it was not possible to design an apartment building. Instead, we resolved it as a housing complex using a three-dimensional rowhouse format, with a 2m-wide escape path along the site perimeter. This expansive void space facing onto the surroundings not only provides environmental performance in terms of natural ventilation and light, it also creates the appearance of townhouses among the wooden buildings of the densely built neighborhood. The complex staircases installed among the three-dimensional rowhouses improve the independence of the dwelling units, and simultaneously give rise to clusters of culs de sac. A high degree of satisfaction may be attained in every one of these twelve houses. Various techniques of collective form have been developed here, which we intend to further extend in the future.

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